We had a unique opportunity to welcome prof. Josef Michl from the @CUBoulder at @RECETOX @muni_cz .
The most cited Czech scientist today discussed with young researchers the career options in science, motivation for it and the differences between science in the US and Europe.


Potenciálně zajímavá tenure-track pozice pro návrat do ČR na @RECETOX v Brně https://t.co/lLRz3wWtQu https://t.co/R0YjgwHsSC

Jak v Česku udržet špičkové vědce? Děkuji ⁦@SeznamZpravy⁩ za prostor a příjemný rozhovor https://t.co/4NyGmXSeyj

It seems that we have got quite a positive feedback to the #naphdven workshop organized by @czexpats https://t.co/S5HRi1E91S

The last facts & figures about #naPhdVen workshop by @czexpats and @VSCHT.

It seems that the results from about 80% of participants, who competed the evaluation questionnaire, are not that bad. Many thanks to all who contributed to the workshop organization!

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