ZV Obcasnik c.2 je tu!

Tu si precitajte, co sa prave odohrava v ZV:https://t.co/gUW3WfGrjK.

ZV Newsletter nr. 2 is here 🙂

Here, you can read what is happening with ZV:https://t.co/gUW3WfGrjK.

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V souvislosti s klimatickou krizí jsou hojně citovány knihy Václava Smila. Ne každý ví, že se narodil a studoval v Československu na @UniKarlova Emigroval do Kanady v roce 1969 Smil je oblíbený intelektuál @BillGates https://t.co/RdaZSLXhhP

Highly recommended for all #PhDs and #postdocs who are thinking about #academicCareer. Some hard data from a UK survey. Applies to me in many respects in Czechia as well. https://t.co/HxzIEWA70r

We are looking for a new PhD student. Have a look at: https://t.co/FKfn9fFFxI via @Radboud_Uni

In Czechia, the culture of academic mobility is still latent. With @czexpats and @VSCHT, we organize a workshop about pros and cons of #PhD studies abroad. Further info and registration (free of charge):



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